Free Tai Chi at 5 - Tuesdays at Turchin (Students Only)

Tai chi, which originated in China as a martial art, is a mind-body practice and is sometimes referred to as "moving meditation." Practitioners move their bodies slowly, gently and with awareness, while breathing deeply. With the body in constant motion, individuals practicing tai chi must also concentrate, putting aside distracting thoughts; and they must breathe in a deep and relaxed, but focused manner.

Escape the pressures of your daily college routine and learn a new art of relaxation and focus with instructor, Tim Winecoff, in the relaxing atmosphere of an art gallery!

These 50-minute sessions are for Appalachian State University students only and are free with a valid Appalachian I.D. No supplies needed. Dress in comfortable clothes.

Tuesday at Turchin events are offered to Appalachian students only.