Rosen Outdoor Sculpture Competition and Exhibition


Hanna Jubran
Grimesland, NC
Stainless steel and bronze
12′ x 2′ x 2’

Third Place winner of 30th Rosen Sculpture Competition

The Dance by Wayne Vaughn
The Dance by Wayne Vaughn

About the Artist

Hanna Jubran received his Master of Fine Arts degree in sculpture from the University of Wisonsin-Milwaukee in 1983, and he currently a Sculpture Professor at East Carolina University in Greenville, NC. Since 1996, he has participated in over 278 exhibitions, international symposia, national and international conferences, and over 50 lectures and workshops. His recent activities include a commission entitled “A Monument to a Century of Flight” in Kitty Hawk, NC. For every symposium Hanna has participated in, his sculpture has been kept as part of that town’s or organization’s permanent collection.

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