Depth of Form

Jacob Burmood
Lousiburg, KS
Cold-cast aluminum
The Dance by Wayne Vaughn
The Dance by Wayne Vaughn
The Dance by Wayne Vaughn

Artist Comments

As a child, I spent my free hours walking along a creek that had carved its way through a wooded area. All the forces that governed the path of the stream also governed the rocks, vegetation and creatures that surrounded it; though their reaction to these forces differed, they remain related. Becoming part of the interwoven complexities that worked in conjunction gave a sense of deep harmony and simplicity; this is the basis of my inspiration. 
As an artist, I create forms through multiple layers of process and materials to discover an underlying order that unifies elements and forces as they converge. The initial materials I choose, such as wire, screen or cloth, are plastic and given to immediate change – much like water. The process of its manipulation is not just driven by the pull of my subconscious – that gravity created by the collection of past experience, but also through new revelation given by the constant natural forces that affect us all.

-Jacob Burmood

About the Artist

Jacob Burmood received his BFA in sculpture from Missouri State University and his MFA in ceramics at the University of Kansas. His teaching career as an adjunct professor has included sculpture, ceramics and 2D & 3D design at various institutions including Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, KS, Missouri State University and the University of Kansas. He has been a featured artist in one person and group shows and has participated in juried shows in Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Colorado and California. His public art commissions and outdoor sculpture competitions and temporary installations have appeared in Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Florida and Istanbul, Turkey.

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