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Faculty Biennial

Feb 2, 2018 - May 5, 2018

Frankie Flood, Knuckles Isabella Cutter

It’s not the kind of thing that happens every year, so when the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts offers the public a comprehensive glimpse into the ordinarily private, multidisciplinary studios of Appalachian State University’s Art Department, it’s always a cause for celebration.

Mission of the Faculty Biennial

The Faculty Biennial showcases the work of Appalachian State University’s multi-disciplinary faculty with exhibitions at the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts and the Smith Gallery located in the Schaefer Center for Performing Arts. Providing direct engagement with current creative and scholarly research, the exhibition initiates critical dialogue about the nature of contemporary art. This exhibition offers student interaction with faculty artists while also providing other faculty and staff at Appalachian State University and the Boone community meaningful opportunity to learn about the many creative ideas and art practices being explored and taught within the university.

The College of Fine and Applied Arts’, Faculty Biennial is a collaborative exhibition program organized by the Smith Gallery and the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts.

Mission of the Department of Art at Appalachian State University

“TO US, ART AND DESIGN ARE MANY THINGS. They are the voice that speaks louder than words. They are the muses, the calls of the siren and the taskmasters. They bring us together and push us deep inside ourselves to chase the elusive. They challenge us, drive us, and make us achieve the impossible. They are our life.”

April Flanders, Fragile Depths III

Hui Chi Lee, Lian #11

Cheryl Zibisky, Without Maya

Greg Banks, ScareCrow

Adam Adcock, Fenced in Large

Adam Adcock, Fenced in Large

Erin Ethridge, Tideswing

Erin Ethridge, Tideswing

It is interesting to note that the Department of Art shares many ideals with those of Black Mountain College (1933-1957), which is featured in an exhibit in the Main Gallery of the Turchin Center through June 2.

To the faculty and students at both institutes, art is an expression, a future, and most of all— a community. In the spirit of experimental democracy, all of the artwork in this exhibition is self-selected by the participants to showcase a multi- disciplinary faculty inspired by a multitude of “voices, taskmasters, muses and siren calls.” The exhibition provides insight into current creative and scholarly research in the Appalachian region while, hopefully, stimulating dialogue about the nature of contemporary art and offering visitors the opportunity to engage with creative ideas and art-making practices being explored and taught within the university.

Jody Servon, an artist who specializes in socially engaged projects, finds the Biennial exciting for several reasons. “Most of my work gets experienced outside of Boone and it’s rewarding to share what I do locally,” she says.


Turchin Center for the Visual Arts

The two exhibitions will include works by a total of 31 faculty members.


  • Andrea Connell
  • Catherine Altice
  • April Flanders
  • John W. Stephenson
  • Brooke Hofsess
  • Clifton Meador
  • Mark Nystrom
  • Edison Midgett
  • Lisa Stinson
  • Jim Toub
  • Tim Ford
  • Laken Bridges
  • Lileth Nielander
  • Taekyeom Lee
  • Frankie Flood
  • Jody Servon
  • Travis Donovan
  • Sara Rich
  • Mike Grady
  • Hui Chi Lee
  • Erin Ethridge
  • Chip Williams
  • Cheryl J Zibisky
  • Gregory Banks
  • Adam Adcock
  • Gary Nemcosky
  • Joshua White
  • Richard Prisco
  • Yi-Chen Chang

Smith Gallery


  • Mark Nystrom
  • Lisa Stinson
  • Laken Bridges
  • Vicky Grube
  • Martin Church
  • Scott Ludwig
  • Maurice Meilleur
  • Jody Servon
  • IlaSahai Prouty
  • Andrew Caldwell
  • Rosa Dargan-Powers
  • Erin Ethridge
  • Nicholas Sorlien
  • Katrina Plato
  • Jeana Klein
  • Joshua Bricker
  • Yi-Chen Chang
  • Tricia Treacy
Martin Church, Image #2

Mike Grady, Tian BuPa

Bailey Arend, Untitled

April Flanders, Murmuration

Bailey Arend, Untitled

Richard Prisco, I

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Feb 2, 2018
May 5, 2018
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