Campus Arts Corridor

Outdoor campus

The Campus Arts Corridor, looking back towards the Turchin Center Sculpture has long been a dynamic element on the campus of Appalachian State University and in August 2022, a new […]

37th Rosen Sculpture Competition and Exhibition

Outdoor campus

David Sheldon, Orion, 2020- 37th Rosen Sculpture Competition First Place WinnerThe Rosen Sculpture Competition and Exhibition is a national juried competition presented annually by An Appalachian Summer Festival and the Turchin Center […]

Considering Carbon: Kathleen Thum

Gallery A and Petti/Peiser Galleries GA

Artist’s Statement:  The exhibition, Considering Carbon, consists of a series of drawings and cut-paper wall installations which explore the theme of fossil fuels, specifically oil and coal. In the exhibition, […]

Revelation: Michael O’Neill

Mayer Gallery

Michael O'Neill, Untitled, 2023Curatorial Statement: More commonly associated with the literary arts, particularly notable writers like Isabel Allende, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Toni Morrison, and Salman Rushdie, Magical Realism reveals the hidden undercurrents […]

Trophic Cascade: April Flanders

Hodges Gallery

April Flanders, Didemnum Vexillium April Flanders, Teredo Navalis  The web of life under the surface of aquatic ecosystems is exceedingly complex and devastatingly beautiful. In a place where species interactions begin […]

The Anti-Uranium Mapping Project: Shayla Blatchford

Community Gallery

Shayla Blatchford, One mile lies between the Red Water Pond Road Community and the United Nuclear Corporation’s Church Rock Uranium MillThe Anti-Uranium Mapping Project is an interactive audio/visual storytelling exhibition […]

21st Annual Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition

Bickers Family Gallery

Jax Gaglianese-Woody, Not a Sea AnemoneExhibition StatementRoots. Ground. Water. Seed. Appalachia. A region. An idea. An imaginative and geopolitical landscape with real land(s) and real people(s)--those living, those who have […]

38th Rosen Sculpture Competition and Exhibition

Outdoor campus

2023 Rosen Sculpture Finalists (clockwise from top left): Adam Walls, Paris Alexander, Bob Doster, Wesley Stewart,  David Sheldon, Hanna Jubran, Sophia Dominici, Beau Lyday, Glen Zwegardt, Carl Billingsley and David […]

Flowstones: Corinne Jones

Mayer Gallery

Corinne Jones, Allegory of the Unnamed Cave, 2020A flowstone is created by mineral deposits laid down by water, slowly, quietly, in one place, over time. Flowstone grows approximately one inch […]

2024 Art Department Faculty Biennial

Gallery A and Petti/Peiser Galleries GA

Joshua White, Further WestART Department Faculty Biennial  The Department of Art Faculty Biennial showcases the work of Appalachian State University’s talented multidisciplinary faculty working across art and design. Providing direct […]

A Long and Slow Surrender: Wendy Young

Bickers Family Gallery

Wendy Young, Portraits of Lee and Jackson Hamburg AR Curatorial Statement Wendy Young never met a stranger; not only does she have the ability to talk to anyone anywhere about […]