16th Annual Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition & Exhibition

Mezzanine Gallery

Jump In; Tom Moors; 2018 Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition & ExhibitionAppalachian State University Outdoor Programs, Turchin Center for the Visual Arts, and Virtual Blue Ridge present the Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition and Exhibition. This competition is sponsored by the Mast General Store. This competition provides both amateur and professional photographers the opportunity to showcase their […]

Pieces of the Puzzle: Turchin Center Outreach Programs

Community Gallery

Pieces of the Puzzle in the Community Gallery The Turchin Center’s arts and education outreach programs connect the university arts resources to a diverse audience of students, arts patrons, teachers and learners. There are many “pieces of the puzzle” of the Turchin’s outreach programs and each piece strengthens community participation in the arts by creating […]

Plein Air: Southern Appalachian Forest: Reiko Goto Collins & Tim Collins

Mayer Gallery

Plein Air: Southern Appalachian Forest: Reiko Goto Collins & Tim Collins in the Mayer Gallery Anthropogenic climate change has its root causes in over two centuries of greenhouse gases primarily produced by the first and second industrialized nations of the world. Climate change is a narrative of global data largely understood to be a driving […]

33rd Rosen Outdoor Sculpture Competition & Exhibition

Outdoor campus

A Memorial, Bob Doster. Winner of 33 Annual Rosen Sculpture Competition The Rosen Sculpture Competition and Exhibition is a national juried competition presented annually by An Appalachian Summer Festival and the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts. Since its establishment by Martin and Doris Rosen in 1987, the Rosen Competition continues a tradition of showcasing […]

My Place or Yours? Cara Hagan, Guest Curator

Gallery A

Rule of Three, Jennie Carlisle, Sukhada Gokale, Wabwila Mugala  My Place, or Yours? is an exploration into the politics and practice of collaborative work. The artists in this exhibition have all arrived here with the goal of making work together, from a distance. More specifically, the majority of the participants here have embarked on a journey […]

Refugee: Bill Brown

Gallery B

Refugee: Bill Brown in Gallery BAccording to the Global Citizen there are an estimated 25.4 million refugees worldwide and that number is growing. The UN Refugee Agency reports that of that number, over 52% are children. There are 5 primary reasons why people become refugees: Religious/National/Social/Racial/Political Persecution War Gender/Sexual Orientation Hunger Climate Change Regionally beloved artist and […]

Beyond the Plantations: Images of the New South, Photographs by Michelle Van Parys

Michelle Van Parys; David in Manicured Garden, 2014, South Carolina; Selenium toned gelatin silver print. Images of the Old South are often sanitized views of a perfect and prosperous plantation life yet ignore the conflict, conquest, and transformation that is manifested in the changing landscape. The photographs from Beyond the Plantations: Images of the New South present the […]

1, 2, 3, 4, 5……. A site-specific installation by Jodi Woodward

Community Gallery

Jodi Woodward; Self Portrait; Archival inkjet print Australian artist, Jodi Woodward’s site-specific installation in the Community gallery consists of four related elements: a larger than life-sized self-portrait of the artist in recovery, an artist’s book, meticulously hand-drawn crossed hatching directly on the walls and a quote by the poet and play write Samuel Beckett. The artist […]

Let the Circle be Unbroken: The Shared Vision of Gretchen and Steve Lotz

Main Gallery

Steve Lotz; Florida Iris and Water Icon; Acrylic and wax pencil on canvas. Gretchen and Steve Lotz continue to inspire, challenge, and find mystery in each after nearly five decades of an aesthetically inspired partnership. The intertwined worlds they have fashioned find form in the organically entangled artworks they create. Steve’s paintings are inspired by the […]

Metaphorical Reality: Keith Bryant

Keith Bryant; 365. Photo by Crista CammarotoKeith Bryant creates work from a place that exists beyond the confines of language yet enhance the realm of understanding riddles in life, connection and independence. Working in wood, metals and ceramics, his forms employ abstraction metaphor. Bryant’s sculptures address ideas of loneliness, isolation, architecture and landscape.  Keith Bryant; Guardian Baskets. […]

Faculty Biennial

Martin Church, Image #2It’s not the kind of thing that happens every year, so when the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts offers the public a comprehensive glimpse into the ordinarily private, multidisciplinary studios of Appalachian State University’s Art Department, it’s always a cause for celebration. Mission of the Faculty Biennial The Faculty Biennial showcases the […]

Lian 連 Lian 鏈 – An installation by Hui Chi Lee

Main Gallery

Hui Chi Lee; #11-2. People are by nature social beings. People need other people to survive, and as such they tend to perpetually seek social interactions. However, human relationships are inherently complex and multi-faceted. The ideology of the series, Lián 連 and Liàn 鏈, on view at the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts, begins with […]