Transformations: App DigiFab

Mayer Gallery

An exhibition of new design and art works showcasing experimental applications of computer-aided design and fabrication technologies. Digital design and fabrication technologies have radically transformed the way artists and designers conceive and produce work. This exhibition explores how digital tools for design and fabrication are being utilized and taught by contemporary artists, designers, and architects, […]

Thin Places: Kiliii Yuyan

Gallery A

Kiliii YuyanI will always remember those nights with the burning, glowing embrace of the fireflies. In the space around my body, they floated like a thousand miniature green-yellow lanterns, blazing long enough to be seen, but gone quickly enough to escape my cupped hands. It’s embedded in me to see the fireflies as spirit beings […]

Altered Environments / Tidalectics: April Flanders, Guest Curator

Gallery B

Eveline KolijnAltered Environments, curated by April Flanders, is a printmaking portfolio responding to the issue of marine bio invasions. The portfolio includes 23 national and international artists from diverse backgrounds, utilizing a wide range of styles and print techniques. Marine bio invasions are the conceptual starting place for these prints, which will be prominently exhibited at […]

Say:Word, a site-specific installation by Renee Cloud & de’Angelo DIA

Community Gallery

Works by Renee Cloud & de’Angelo DIASay:Word is visual dialogue between artists de’Angelo DIA and Renee Cloud. This multimedia collaboration is a hybrid of exhibits, Not Another Word and Dichotomy, used to examine misrepresentation, cultural appropriation, and the significance of cultivating your own narrative and distribution of those narratives. The artists' visual and poetic words […]

FLUX: Signe Stuart

Hodges Gallery

Signe Stuart, Glacier 1, 2017Signe Stuart, Enfold 2, 2018  Flux alludes to natural and manmade networks from rivers, neural pathways and quantum fields to systems of transportation and communications, everything interconnected and in flux. My visual vocabulary emphasizes line: single lines emerging from material; low relief line patterns forming flux fields and networks of relationships. […]