Fictive Strategies: Suzanne Sbarge & Holly Roberts

Hodges Gallery

Holly Roberts: Woman FlyingSuzanne Sbarge and Holly Roberts share a similar sensibility; they both use collage, weaving textures and images into surrealistically enigmatic artworks that open subconscious doorways into the ambiguous space of the night: haunting dreams brim with narrative probability remaining stubbornly resistant to a literal interpretation. Both artists live in and are intimately […]

18th Annual Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition

Mezzanine Gallery

Mike Baker, End Times; Best in Show category winner; 2021 Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition & Exhibition.Related Events 18th Annual AMPC Awards Presentation - Saturday, March 20 at 6 pm AMPC Contemporary Appalachian Photography Panel Discussion - Wednesday, March 24 at 6 pmAppalachian State University Outdoor Programs, Turchin Center for the Visual Arts, and Virtual Blue […]

Ruminations: Cheryl Prisco

Community Gallery

Cheryl Prisco, The Taming of the BlueRumination (noun) 1. a deep and considered thought about something. I am addicted to color and pattern, drawn to irreverence and visual dissonance. In place of paint and brush I cut, color, and shape wood elements, creating abstract low relief assemblages. The process of my work, the shaping and […]

Rowhouse Workshop: Brian Phillips / ISA

Mayer Gallery

Rowhouse Workshop is an interactive exhibition showcasing the unique personalities of rowhouse blocks in North, South, and West Philadelphia. Dinner workshops held in 2019 invited local residents to share, discuss and document the neighborhoods and histories of Philadelphia’s urban fabric. The exhibition leads visitors through a series of rowhouse block installations, sharing collectively curated songs, […]