Artists wishing to be considered for future exhibitions are encouraged to prepare and submit an “Exhibition Proposal” for use by the committee to review the artist’s work to exhibit. Guidelines for content of the proposal can be found in the following document: Exhibition Proposal Application (DOCX 242K)

All submissions must be accompanied by an Artist Proposal Cover Sheet.  Those proposing a general exhibition should fill out: General Exhibition Opportunities (DOCX 212K) and for site-specific installations fill out: Site-Specific Installation Opportunities (DOCX 248K).

The committee will accept submissions in a variety of formats including mailed submissions, e-mailed submissions, PDF documents, and websites. Images can be viewed in digital or photograph formats. Artists should be aware of the quality of photography and websites.

Mailed submissions will be returned to the artist providing that the artist includes a return self-addressed envelope/box with sufficient return postage. If the TCVA feels that the work may fit within future projects and/or exhibitions, the submission packet may be kept on file for reference upon notification to the artist.

Materials should be sent to…

Artist Submission
Turchin Center for the Visual Arts
PO Box 32139
423 West King Street
Boone, NC 28608


Email: with subject line “Artist Submission”

For More Information

The Turchin Center has prepared several online resources for potential exhibiting artists. These include images of the space, past installations and Google SketchUp models of the spaces. Interested artists may contact the staff to request these materials via mail either on a CD or in hard copy.

The Galleries
Images of the spaces and floor plans can also be found online on the Turchin Center’s Flickr Site. Artists can access images of the two galleries, images of past installations, as well as models of the spaces. Higher resolution images, floor plans and a 3-D Google SketchUp Model can be made available to artists upon request.



How far in advance does the Center plan the exhibition schedule?
The center typically plans the exhibition schedule anywhere from 2-4 years out.
How often does the center review proposals for exhibitions?
The staff of the center attempts to review proposals on a quarterly basis depending on the volume of submittals. Artist proposals and submissions can be accepted at any time. However, it could be up to six months before a response can be provided.
How are submissions and proposals reviewed?
Artists submissions and proposals are reviewed quarterly by committee and are judged by the quality of work and how well the artist’s work fits within the mission of the center.
How many galleries does the center have?
The center features 6 galleries in two wings. These include the: Main Gallery, Mezzanine Gallery, and Community Gallery located in the East Wing and Gallery A, Gallery B, and the Mayer Gallery in the West Wing. Additionally, the center boasts several exhibition sites outdoors on the plaza and garden. Each gallery has its own set of traits from large open spaces to smaller, more intimate spaces. There is a combination of traditional environments featuring controlled lighting and natural light. Galleries are frequently combined together for larger installations.
Can I apply to a specific gallery?
Requests for specific galleries may be made, but the curatorial committee assigns exhibitions to specific gallery spaces.
Can I propose a site-responsive concept to the gallery for consideration?
Yes. In an effort to expand opportunities for artists seeking to create site-responsive (site-specific) exhibition projects, the Turchin Center offers the option of submitting a proposal for specific gallery spaces. The Request for Proposal for the Site-Specific Installation allows artists to submit a concept for specific galleries to be considered in the exhibition schedule. The center will give priority to artists seeking a space for site-responsive proposals within the artist submission review process. Interested artists should see the Request for Proposals for Site-Specific Installation Opportunities for more specific guidelines.
Who do I contact with other questions?
Erin Durham can answer questions via e-mail or phone. For questions via e-mail: with the subject line “Artist Submission Question”. Artists may also call (828) 262-3017.