Joan Benefiel
Brooklyn, NY

Resin, steel
7.75’ x 2.2’ x 2.4’

First Place Rosen Winner

Location: Appalachian House


— 35th Rosen Sculpture Map —

Photos by Chase Reynolds

Hoodoos by Joan Benefiel
Hoodoos by Joan Benefiel
Hoodoos by Joan Benefiel

About the Artist

Joan Benefiel, born and raised in Wichita, studied art at the University of Kansas and attended the MFA program for figurative sculpture at the New York Academy of Art. Her desire to produce large-scale public art and figurative sculptures inspired her work with bronze. As a technician at a local foundry, she learned the lost wax method of casting before relocating to New York where she joined the Excalibur team. She describes them as “a truly unique and versatile group of talented artists, craftspeople and designers.”

For more information, visit www.joanbenefiel.com