Force of Action of Force – Killbox

Noah Kirby
Alton, IL
Steel, automotive lacquer

Second Place winner of 31st Rosen Sculpture Competition

The Dance by Wayne Vaughn
The Dance by Wayne Vaughn
The Dance by Wayne Vaughn

Artist Comments

In “Force of Action of Force-Killbox” Noah Kirby utilizes tactical maneuvering doctrine towards a strategic goal within the sculpture’s area of operations. The strategic goal of Killbox is to place the viewer in a self-conscious position relative to a space, an object and a culture. Kirby uses hyper militarized language as a starting point towards the generation of his forms. Close quarters battle tactics and procedures dictate the form of the sculpture within the installation. Procedures for target acquisition and designation are imbedded in the language and construction. The sculpture, composed of panels that resemble first generation stealth technologies in both aesthetics and structure, alludes to theories of perception as they apply to abstraction, covert operations, and camouflage techniques. Kirby uses tactical maneuvers and military strategy to place the viewer in a perceptual space that is neither stable nor comfortable while continually calling attention to their presence, embedding them within the work.