Longing for Santa Croce
Shawn Morin
Bowling Green, OH

55″ x 15″ x 16″


— 36th Rosen Sculpture Map

Photos by Chase Reynolds

Unfurling Rising by David Boyajian
Unfurling Rising by David Boyajian
Unfurling Rising by David Boyajian

Artist Comments

Think of art is as the beginning of a conversation between artist and viewer, where artwork is a visual “hello.” Viewers engage in that conversation by responding to the piece or to other viewers, often igniting other sparks of inspiration.

About the Artist

Shawn Morin received his BFA from the University of Tampa and his MFA from the University of Georgia, both in sculpture. He is currently a professor of sculpture and department head at Bowling Green State University. He has been featured in numerous solo, two-person, juried, group and invitational shows across the Midwest and eastern United States. He is represented in galleries in Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan and North Carolina as well as in public and private collections. This is his 8th time as a finalist in the Rosen Sculpture Competition including a 2nd place winner in the 30th Rosen Competition.