Mei Amour
Kevin Eichner
Mondcure, NC

Reclaimed steel
4’ x 5’ x 9’2″

Honorable Mention

 — 36th Rosen Sculpture Map

Photos by Chase Reynolds

Unfurling Rising by David Boyajian
Unfurling Rising by David Boyajian
Unfurling Rising by David Boyajian

Artist Comments

My work evolves from the stiff, ridged, industrial I-beam, an icon of the 20th century, typically used in the construction of vast bridges and towering skyscrapers. As a sculptor, I search to understand the truth to the materials and strive to discover ways to stretch and manipulate that truth bringing forth its potential in new ways. I have discovered the breath within the beams, an understanding of how the structural nature of the material frees itself of it’s industrial function, allowing the material to blossom, intertwine and gesture towards the sky, as a symbol and celebration of both human nature and Mother Nature within the industrial beams.

About the Artist

Kevin Eichner, a native of Buffalo, N.Y., is a sculptor, professor and director at The Moncure Museum of Art in Moncure, NC. He received a BFA from of State University of New York College at Buffalo and his MFA from East Carolina University. He has taught sculpture courses at Central Carolina Community College in Siler City, NC; Meredith College, Raleigh NC, SUNY College at Buffalo, NY; and East Carolina University School of ART, NC. His work has been exhibited widely in North and South Carolina as well as internationally in New Zealand, Belize and Estonia.

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